Dear Valued Client,


The German Election will be held on Sunday, 24th of September 2017. Market conditions could be extremely volatile prior to and after the event. There is a risk of wide spreADS, price gaps and periods of thin liquidity.

德国大选将于2017年9月24日(本周日)举行。大选进行前后,市场波动可能会异常剧烈, 同时伴随点差扩大、价格跳空及市场流通性不足等情况。

Vantage FX has conducted a review of our risk management policies with the intention of providing a more secure trading environment for our clients.

为了给我们的客户提供更安全的交易环境,Vantage FX对我们现行的风险管理政策进行了审核。

From the 22nd of September 2017 we will be applying margin changes as below:



Margin changes will be effective from market open 5am on the 22nd of September (CST)


We would like to advise caution during this period. If you have open positions during the affected period, please be aware that margin requirements to keep those positions open could rise.


We recoMMend that you monitor positions carefully and maintain a sufficient account surplus throughout this period, particularly over weekends and before major announcements.


Vantage FX will take appropriate actions as required by market conditions, potentially with little or no notice.

Vantage FX将根据市场情况采取适当的措施,若有部分未能及时通知,还请谅解。

While we intend to return to normal margin requirements shortly after the vote, we will monitor events closely and keep our clients updated.


If you have any questions, our team will be happy to answer your questions.Please call 400-168-1366, 400-120-9301 or send an EMAil to or contact official website marketing QQ 400 720 9515.

如您有任何疑问,我们的团队将十分乐意为您解答。请拨打电话400-168-1366、400-120-9301,或发送邮件至info@vantagefx.cn或联系官网营销 QQ4007209515。


Vantage FX